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Bulgarian wine regions


Eastern region Northern region Sub Balkan Region South Western region Southern region Bulgarian


The Eastern Region covers the territory along the Black Sea coast between the Northern border with Romania and the Southernmost point on the sea coast where Bulgaria shoulders Turkey. The regions is comprises about one quarter of the country's vineyards, and is made up of three sub-regions. The wines from the Eastern region are made mostly from white grapes. Almost all renowned white grape varieties may be found along with the native Misket and Dimiat .The major wineries are Varna and Preslav.

This region includes, the Tracian Valley from the Balkan Range to the Greek border and boasts almost Mediterranean climatic conditions particularly good for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot production. The best Bulgarian variety grape-Mavrud grows in the Tracian Valley.

This region includes Pomorie, Nessebar and, further south, Bourgas among its towns. Overall, it is significantly warmer than the other coastal areas, and the wines reflect this in their ripeness and fruitiness. Again, most of the local varieties are white, mainly Misket , Muskat Ottonel , Dimiat , Chardonnay , Ugni , Sauvignon and Aligote . Controlled wines in this region include "Rose from the Southern Coast", but some of the best Bulgarian red wines, comes from this region. Look for Jambol and Haskovo. This are fine appellations. The major wineries are Jambol, Assenovgrad and Stambolovo/Haskovo.



The Northern region spans the area between the Danube river and the Balkan mountain range from North to South and between the Dobrudzha Valley and the Yugoslav border from East to West respectively. High quality wines are produced from a number of different grapes, red as well as white, but the overwhelming majority of wines from this area are white, and they include varieties such as

Chardonnay , Muscat , Sauvignon and Aligote , as well as the indigenous Balkan vines such as Misket (a cross between Rhine Riesling and Dimiat), Dimiat and Rkatsiteli . The reds are made from the local Gamza as well as from the noble Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. This region is home to the fine wineries of Suhindol, Ljaskovetz and Rousse.

The Northern region includes such towns as Tolbuhin, Kavarna and Provadia.

The region enjoys long, warm autumns which ripen the fruit to full maturity, retaining good levels of acidity, producing dry and semi-dry whites notable for their fruitiness and freshness. Sparkling wines also come from this sub-region. Controlled wines in this region include "Varna Chardonnay"

In the middle of this region, The summers are cooler. This mild climate, coupled with the excellent soil, have combined over the years to yield some of Bulgaria's finest quality dry and semi-dry white wines, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Johannisberg Riesling, Dimiat and Gewurtz-traminer from Novi Pazar, Shumen and Preslav.

Bulgaria's first brandy was made in this part of the country, and its production continues to this day.

Controlled wines in this region include "Treasure of Kralevo,' "Khan Krum Traminer", "Novi Pazar", "Chardonnay" and "Preslav Chardonnay"



The Sub Balkan Region contains the kettles at the Southern foot of the Balkan Mountain. These deep valleys produce unique micro climates. The famous in Bulgaria Sungurlare Misket comes from there as well as the excellent Sungurlare Eau deVie. White wines from different grapes are local specialty. Slavjantzi is the major winery from this region. In spite of above mentioned, this region only produces little of the country's wine .



The East Sub Balkan  region, effectively the Sungurlare valley, grows mainly Misket from which light, white wines, best drunk young, are made. So too are vermouth and other aperitifs. Controlled wines in this region include "Sungurlare Misket"



Better known as the Valley of the Roses, this region is the native land of the oleaginous rose from which the renowned Attar of Roses is produced. The wineries spread around the towns of Karlovo and Maslovetz, produce wines from Misket, Muskat, Kadarka and Cabernet Sauvignon. Controlled wines in this region include "Misket from the Valley of Roses (Rozova Dolina)"



The Southern region is in the South that one can enjoy the endless beauty of Bulgaria. The southern region envelopes the Plain of Thrace, stretching from east to west along the River Maritsa, which is cradled between the Sredna Gora in the north and the Rhodope Mountains in the south. The rich vegetation in the Plain is evidence of the fertility of the land which feeds off the tributaries of the Maritsa. 
Rock faces deep in the Rhodope Mountains near Smolyan.



The South Western region covers what is popularly known as Pirin Macedonia. The Struma Valley runs along it and brings strong Mediterranean influence in terms of climate. Fine Cabernets are produced there. The appellation of Melnik is home to the Melnik variety. An aromatic and hefty wine that ages very well. Damianitza is the winery to note. Their "reserves" are extremely good.

The region Produces only a small proportion of Bulgaria's wine. This is a hotter, drier region, next to the Greek border, and vegetation is up to a month ahead of the rest of the country. The red wine is said to be redolent of fresh tobacco leaf, and it ages very well.




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