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Eastern wine region


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30% of Bulgaria's vineyards lying in this region. This undulating region bordering the Black Sea has long been the origin of some of the best Bulgarian white wines. Many of the vineyards lie inland from Varna around the wineries of Targovischte and Shumen . One of a few small islands off the Black Sea coast, south of Burgas .

The Madara Horseman carved into a rock face near Shumen .

Further south, around Burgas and Pomorie are a wealth of vines which resisted the attack of the killer Phylloxera louse between 1895 and 1910. This region is drier and milder than the northern region as the climate is moderated by the influence of the Black Sea. The Summers tend to be hot and dry, with more rainfall in the late Autumn whilst the winters are less bitter than in other regions.


Domaine Boyar Shumen

The Domaine Boyar owned Shumen winery is the origin of the newly launched Premium Oak range of wines. The range is fruit driven with pervading vanilla flavors and aromas owing to time spent in new American oak barrels.

The range is stylishly packaged in flange bottles, with distinctive labels and colored Supremecorq closures to reflect the New World qualities of these wines. In addition to this range Domaine Boyar Shumen has launched and alternative range called Premium Cuvee, this comprises a Merlot , Cabernet Sauvignon and a Sauvignon Blanc , each completely unoaked with plenty of fruit flavors. These Domaine Boyar wines, already immensely popular on the UK market are the perfect ambassadors for this prominent winery.


Targovischte winery specializes in the production of quality white wines, principally using international grape varieties. Whilst displaying good fruit content and the natural characteristics of the grapes, the wines tend towards a clean and refreshing style. The Targovischte Sauvignon Blanc 1997 is not dissimilar in style to the New Zealand style of Sauvignon Blanc, with its incisive gooseberry flavors and underlying herbaceous character. It is wines such as this one which maintain the reputation of Targovischte winery as a leading producer of white wines.

Black Sea Gold Pomorie

The red wines are fewer in number, accounting for only 25% of the harvest. They are on the whole fruit driven although not as rich as reds from some of the southern wineries. The whites tend to be light to medium bodied, refreshing, with some with oak ageing. The Chardonnay Aligote blend is particularly successful. Pomorie, also produces a slightly richer barrel fermented Chardonnay which is extremely popular on the UK market.


Since being privatized in 1998, Burgas has invested heavily in new equipment to develop exciting new wines. Traditionally famous for its white wines, Burgas is now expanding its range to include not only quality Chardonnay and Riesling but also a young varietal styles of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot . The higher end of the range includes reserve Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots in a more traditional style.


The region of Preslav is famous for its top quality white wines that have developed an enviable reputation over many years. Situated to the east of the Balkan Mountains, the winery of Preslav adopts modern white winemaking techniques.




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Eastern Wine region. Bulgaria as a wine producing country