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Stara Zagora town



A town at the southeastern foot of Surnena Gora Mountain, 231 km east of Sofia. Population of 150 000. A junction of the railway lines Sofia-Plovdiv-Bourgas and Rouse-Podkova.

1,5 km west of the town there are remains of the Neolithic and later ages. Copper mines (4th-3rd millennium B.C.), a Thracian villa (1st-4th centuries) and a mound necropolis with one of the richest finds from Roman times (burial gifts of gold, silver and glass) have been uncovered. The Thracian town Beroe is founded in the 5th C. B.C. At the beginning of the 2nd C. it is reconstructed by the Romans and named after Emperor Trojan - Augusta Trajana. In the 5th C. it is destroyed by the Huns. In the 6th C. the medieval town Vereya is demolished again and it is reconstructed several times under the names of Irinopolis, Boroui, Zagra-i Eski Hisar and others.Stara Zagora - Augusta

During the Bulgarian National Revival it is an administrative, agricultural, crafts, trade and educational center. In 1877 during the Russo-Turkish War the town is burned down and destroyed.

To this day only a few old buildings have been preserved: Eski Mosque (15th C.), the reconstructed St. Nicholas Church (1896-1909), St. Demetrius and Sts. Cyril and Methodist Church, the Church of the Holy Virgin (1881), the Church of the Holy Trinity.

A theatre, an opera theatre, a historical museum, an art gallery.

Stara-Zagora mineral baths - balneological resort 15 km north-west of Stara Zagora, at an altitude of 370 m.

The mineral water (temperature of 51,5C, hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium, with neutral reaction) is suitable for healing disorders of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system, gynecological, nephrological-urological and other diseases.




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The city of Starazagora. Bulgaria as a wine producing country